Facts About Depression, Alcoholism and Suicide

  • There are concrete links between depression, alcoholism and suicide.
  • People suffering from depression and depressive disorders such as bipolar disorder are very often found to self-medicate using alcohol or drugs.
  • One in four suicide victims were legally drunk when they died.
  • Alcohol and depression coexist in 30% to 50% of sufferers of either condition.
  • A Harvard study showed that people having signs of alcoholism present had a greater incidence of depression symptoms one year later.
  • Using alcohol while taking an antidepressant may be negating the effects of the drug, leading to more depression, not less.
  • Mixing alcohol with anti-anxiety medications like Xanax, valium and Librium can worsen depression and lead to overdose, including unintentional death.
  • Women are far more likely to suffer depression along with alcohol problems.  There are known and unknown reasons for this.  Culturally, women feel more pressure to “put on a happy face” so they self-medicate more.
  • If you have both conditions, both must be treated.   This is basic Whack-A-Mole Theory.

I have twenty years of experience treating alcoholism and related mental health conditions.

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