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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Resources

Alcohol Issues

Alcohol Abuse – Special Issues for Older Women
Alcohol Abuse among Adolescent Girls – Special Issues
Facts About Depression, Alcoholism and Suicide
50 Things Every Alcoholic Should Know
Things You Need to Know if You’ve Been Battered by an Alcoholic

Marijuana Issues

Short and Long Term Effects of Marijuana Use
Is Marijuana Really Bad for You?
How Does Marijuana Affect the Brain?
Marijuana, Your Health, and Your Memory
Marijuana use Affects School, Work, and Social Life
Marijuana Use During Pregnancy
Is Marijuana Addictive? What Treatments Are Available?

Cocaine Issues

What are Cocaine and Crack?
Cocaine Use and Routes of Transmission
What are the Long and Short Term Effects of Cocaine Abuse?
Cocaine Use by Pregnant Mothers
What are Effective Treatments for Cocaine Abusers?

MDMA / Ecstacy Issues

What is MDMA?
MDMA: History and effects
The Effects of MDMA on the Brain
What are Club Drugs?
Effects and Treatment Options for Club Drugs

Anxiety & Depression

The Effects of Stress on the Mind and Body
How to be Less Anxious Today
How Doctors Diagnose Depression
Depression in Children: Symptoms and Treatment

Other Issues

What are bath salts?
How to Sleep Better Tonight
Why relationships succeed and fail
Help for Women with Prescription Drug Problems
What are Anabolic Steroids?
Health Consequences of Youth Steroid Abuse